Larry Poons Geometry And Dots

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Larry Poons: Photo by Hollis Frampton

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see Purchase Catalog Online Starting with his first solo exhibition of “dot paintings” at Dick Bellamy’s Green gallery in 1963 Larry Poons skyrocketed into art world stardom at a young age. By 1965 he was featured in the seminal exhibition The Responsive Eye, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He began exhibiting at the legendary Leo Castelli gallery in 1965 alongside Dan Flavin and Andy Warhol. His ellipse paintings from this period marked a major development for both color field painting and op-art.

see Presenting a selection of never before exhibited early works alongside large scale ellipse paintings, the exhibition will trace the artist’s interest in color and optics from inception in the late 1950s to fruition in the1960s. Envisioned for the first time as a unified whole, this exhibition illustrates the artist’s decade long exploration of the gridded picture plane. Notable for their experimental abandon and bold composition, the pictures from the 50s allow the visitor a glimpse at the artist as he developed his optical and chromatic prowess. An installation of working drawings documents the systematic process that provides an armature for this work. The exhibition will also feature a range of ephemera and archival material from early solo and group exhibitions. Archival material documents the popular reception of the artist alongside many of his peers . Video and audio on display in the gallery will feature a rare audio of the artist performing in the noise rock group The Druds alongside Andy Warhol, Walter De Maria, Lucas Samaras and Patty Mucha.

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Larry Poons Geometry And Dots

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go to link Larry Poons Geometry And Dots Larry Poons Geometry And Dots

Larry Poons Geometry And Dots