Lary Poons "Throw, Pour, Drip, Spill & Splash"

Lary Poons

Jacobson Howard Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of important works by Larry Poons from the 1970s.

In the late 1960s Poons transitioned into a new form of painting and, as Darby Bannard relates in his essay for the exhibition’s brochure:

“there is a primal aggressiveness to these blurred and blistered surfaces which is an analog to the headlong procedure. Like Pollock, Poons extended his “stroke” by flinging paint, but a classic Pollock looks almost dainty next to a Poons. Paintings like Claudio and Vespers offer no relief, no “air”, no handy lure to hook us. They are nothing more than paint come to life, and they rub your nose in it. That they work at all and so beautifully is an attribute to their compelling strength. Here is some of the best painting of our generation.”

On exhibition through February 25th